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PAYST-013  Barcode Scanner
PAYST-011 Prox Keyfob
PAYST-010 Prox Card
PAYST-009 Prox Reader
PAYST-008 ETM Thermal Roll
PAYST-006 Bill Validator
PAYST-007 Bill Validator Cassette
PPAYST-005 Coin Vaut Funnel
SUB-001 Aphone Substation
PAYST-004 Coin Reject Button
PAYST-003 Coin Vault
PAYST-002 Four Tube Coin Mech
PAYST-001 Security Bar
EGDR-004 Gate Remote
FC120 Facility Counter
EGDR-002 Variable Thermostat
EGDR -003 Detector Socket
EGDR-001 Cartridge Heater
EG24-005 Mainshaft Flange Mount
EG24-004 Limit Cam
EG24-006 Gate Pulley
ARMFLD 10ft Plastic Folding Gatearm
PAYST-014 ETM Push Button
TOKA-001 Token Acceptor
TEL3G -001 Wireless Telephone Intercom
ARM10ALU 10ft Aluminium Gatearm
EG24-002 Gate Flange
EG24-003 Gate Flange Cover
EG24-007 Gate Limit Switch
EG24-001 Gate Flange & Cover
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