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Stage 1: We meet with you on site to discuss your current and previous systems (if applicable), what type of problems you may have been experiencing. We then attempt to not only find out what your needs are, but what your ideas are on how to create an effective, managable system on your site.

Stage 2: We take into consideration all relevant factors before recommending a system for your site. We will offer what we feel is the best solution, alternate solutions, as well as a variety of options for each to ensure that you receive the customized solution that is best for you.

Stage 3: We carefully begin the installation of your new system, while assisting your organization through the transitional phase to keep your current operation running, and your customers and or employees moving along.

Stage 4: We take our time making everybody familiar with the new system and equipment, providing whatever training and documentation is necessary to make it easy to get up and running quickly and efficiently. We will be by your side until everything is smoother, easier and more effective than ever before.

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